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Virtual Management Plus was founded in 2015 with its headquarters located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. VM+ is setting the new standards with our cloud-based staffing experts.  We offer businesses, an economical, but significantly productive alternative to on-site staffing. Our team of cloud-based virtual experts is based on a wide variety of backgrounds. Through a stringent interview process and ongoing training, we ensure our virtual experts are able to offer the best possible over-all productivity at the most affordable rates.

VM+ is quickly being known for its ability to provide quality professional personnel. We not only assign you a personal Virtual Assistant, but we match the most qualified candidate to your specific project Worldwide! We are a Global Office with agents across the globe, and we are happy to help you achieve your goals and complete your tasks no matter where you´re located around the globe!

Our Team

Virtual Management Plus staff members are encouraged and trained to work flawlessly, so you know we’ll take care of your business as we would our own. Our Virtual Assistant team is made up of more than 10 Experts, each who have worked on over 27 different business projects. VM+ believes in the power of education and experience, meaning that each team member is required to have advanced education and have a strong portfolio to demonstrate achieving proven results for their clients. Most of our team members have been part of VM+ since its inception in 2015, all who have demonstrated team loyalty and unthinking devotion with our company mission.

Our Virtual Assistants are available in various time zones to accommodate our clients’ time sensitive projects.  When you choose VM+, you have our entire team of experts at your fingertips, always ready to collaborate on your project! ANYTIME, ANYWHERE!

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